Millions of travelers use to book tickets for train travels. Even after so much Make in India and Digital India promotions the website of stillis poorly designed and it never loads.
I am a regular user of and book train tickets online. However, I get so frustrated with the website as it never loads properly. When someone tries to book tatkal, he should have a good internet connection which is never provided by BSNL. The website throws the user out many times and have to login back entering captchas.

I have been trying to book a ticket to Bangaluru for like a trillion times now. I booked normally and got a waiting list of 124 and I tried to book tatkalticket, it threw me out two times and had to login back. Then it gives me TQWL 49. I mean, is the website so poorly designed that it says to the user; get the hell out as you are not getting any tickets but we will take money.

If the ticket is not confirmed, the railway takes their service charge in which the user has not availed any. The railway department issues crap laws like;

1. No refund shall be granted on the confirmed ticket after four hours before the scheduled departure of the train.

2. No refund shall be granted on the RAC or Waitlisted ticket after thirty minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.

I means why should someone pay money when the system is not able to provide services. An average Indian does not care about international policies, or nuclear deals. He want his life to be better and I am ready to pay for the services and i do not want to be free but these services should be better and professional. Apassenger with online TQWL or RLWL tickets cannot travel in the train but Railway will take service charge. But if the passenger has offline tickets [tickets from counter], he can travel. I mean are you kidding me?

I means the only fault of the user is that he/she do not have any alternative means to book these tickets or a means of affordable transportation.

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