A testimonial is a document that povide information regarding the person’s conduct, abilities, skills, experiences etc. There are two types of testimonials, one is given by the college or the university for the student as a recommendation and one the student testimonial that is given for the university.
The second one is called student testimonial and here are some example of it.

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These provide about how the student feel about the experince in the university. 
The testimonial which we are talking about is essentially a reference letter for you to use in your future career. Often the university will circulate the format for filling the students’ testimonial. Then the students just have to fill it up with suitable information. 

An Example of an Testimonial

No. (Enrolment no. to be filled in by student)                  May  , 2015                          


Name (to be filled in by student as required in the grade card, degree, testimonial), Degree (graduation degree to be filled in by student), University of ___________ (to be filled in by student), registered for the post graduate degree programme of two years in June 2013.  On the successful completion of the studies, he/she was awarded the name of the degree…………… (specialization to be filled in by student) on May   , 2015.

In part fulfillment of the requirement for the degree, Ms./Mr. (Your Surname), undertook a research project and submitted a report entitled, (“Title of the Research Project” -to be filled in by student).

Guide Comments (to be filled in by the Research Guide)

In addition he/she opted for (to be filled in by student, any other course from other school, if any), as extra credit.

In the first year, he/she was placed for field work in Agency name and place ______________ (to be filled in by the student) and for the second year, Agency name and place ______________ (to be filled in by the student).  ( final block field work placement finalised/finished,  please add the agency name and place.)

Comments by Fieldwork supervisor 

Other Information (to be filled in by the student)
1. Internship (if done)
2. Extra Curricular Activities [mention significant ones only including research publications, research projects, work experience, membership in groups and forums, presentation in conferences and mention international conferences first,  participation in conferences, workshops, seminars, symposiums etc]
3. Prizes and Merit Scholarship awarded by the Institute

Ms./Mr. (Your Surname), Centre Chairperson Comments

We wish him/her all the very best in his/her future career.

A statement of grades, obtained by Ms./Mr. (Your Surname), is annexed.

Dean                                                                                        Director

This is a good format which students can use for testimonials.

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